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Content for ENGLISH readers

This site is created to share important information, for now site is mainly organized in lithuanian language, but I'm planing to post some of pages in english. Return here to see updates on this section.

So happens, I wanted to know everything, now I want to live by the knowledge also share it with others. I dont know information like where exactly you live, but I know enough about God, universe, reality, spiritual things, truth of existance, consciousnes, religion, wisdom, and similar. By saying enough I mean there is not much or nothing left to know more by mind, it bonds with actual experience - to live by wisdom, to experience God, to receive individual relevations.

It is not true, as sceptics says, that we are unable to know or unable to understand/perceive something.

In one of relevations there is: all Life and Teachings of Jesus with even childhood whats before and after, over 800 pages on free to view "Urantia Book" book, access here: (IV part, documents 120-196)

The Teaching of the Father's Spirit, Thought Adjuster: (Algimantas who speaks with God, Jesus over ten years posts some received teachings)

From over fourty years of preparation of woman who lives in Africa, were written down Letters of Christ:

Revelation by Jesus Christ: I SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN, a translation to english language. After reading "Letters of Christ" Algimantas thought of translating them to lithuanian, but after asking advice Jesus gave different in some way relevation in lituanian.

From Kim and Lorein Michaels who speaks with Jesus, was created a huge website if atempted to print would be over 3000 pages. Includes answers from Jesus to questions that people gave, spiritual growth tools, also some books free to view:

Through russian messenger Tatian Mikushin, were received letters of higher beings and one of them is Jesus, english version of site: